EziDri dehydrators accessories and spare parts

There are three dehydrator models in the EziDri range:
The  Snackmaker (FD500)
The  Ultra (FD1000)
The Ultra with 48 Hour Digital Timer (FD1000-D)

All models come with 5 trays but are designed so that you can add more trays as required, and even space out the trays if you want to dehydrate bulky items!

To order the right spare parts for your model, remember that the Snackmaker has a smaller diameter than the Ultras, so they have their own set of spare parts.

You can find accessories here for the Snackmaker FD500:  drying traysmesh sheetssolid sheets and spacer rings.

The Ultras' accessories (No Timer as well as Digital) can be found here:  Ultra drying traysUltra mesh sheetsUltra solid sheets and Ultra spacer rings.

EziDri used to be sold under the name Harvest Maid, so if you have a Harvest Maid dehydrator and are looking for spare parts, EziDri parts will be compatible.  If you're unsure,  send us an email and we'll confirm which parts are right for your Harvest Maid dehydrator.

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