Ionmax Ion612/632 Dehumidifiers

Whistling sound:

A whistling sound is likely happening because the mouvement of the louvres is affecting airflow.

Check the Louvres control button: is it on Swing? If so change the setting from Swing to a fixed location.

General noise:

When your Ion612 or Ion632 is on you will hear the fan running. If you believe the machine is making more noise than normal, check whether the filter is clean: if a lot of dust or dirt has accumulated on the filter it could cause the fan to strain. Vacuuming the filter will help prevent excess noise.

Burning smell:

When you start using the Ion612 or Ion632, you might notice a burning smell: this is normal, harmless and does not mean the unit is faulty. The smell is coming from the desiccant material (zeolite) which is absorbing odours but as it heats up while in use, it will discharge some of these smells into the air. This burning smell will pass quickly with use.

Not collecting as much water anymore:

This is normal: ambient humidity will be much higher when you are just beginning to use the Ion612. You will need to empty the water tank often at first, but with extended use ambient humidity will decrease and so will the amount of water collected.

Blowing hot air:

This is normal and is part of the dehumidification process. This will lessen as ambient humidity decreases and eventually the Ion612 will only blow non-heated air when the humidity in the room has reached its desired setting.

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