Ionmax Ion90 Humidifier

Leaking from the base:

The Ion90 humidifier's water feed system relies on gravity and a vacuum between its water tank and its base. If this vacuum is not achieved, water could overflow which can cause the Ion90 to appear to be leaking.

Follow this procedure every time you are filling the water tank:

  • Empty the base of the humidifier of all water
  • Fill the tank all the way to the top
  • Avoid refilling the water tank if the 'Empty' light has not come on


Condensation can build up at the base of the Ion90 and give the impression that the base is leaking. Condensation usually occurs when air temperature drops or if you are operating the Ion90 in a space that is heavily air conditioned.

To counteract condensation, try running the Ion90 on a warm mist setting and reduce the air conditioning.

Water droplets falling to the floor:

If you notice this happening it usually means that there is already enough moisture in the air, and the excess water is simply dropping to the floor.

Try running the humidifier on a lower setting.

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