My (vertical) juicer's lid is stuck

If you're unfamiliar with cold-press juicing there will be a (short) adjustment period where you will discover that the machine works best when given the time to press produce slowly. This is true for both horizontal and vertical juicers, but the below is a tip for vertical juicers only.

In the course of getting to know your juicer you might feed too much produce too quickly, and this will cause a build-up inside the juicing bowl (also called drum assembly). The produce will then push up against the lid and cause it to jam, so you can't take the lid off to clear up the build-up.

What can you do from here?

  • You can use a moderate amount of brute force to try and twist off the lid. Moderate meaning you must take care not to cause yourself harm or damage the juicer.
  • If this isn't working, unplug the juicer and put it on the floor between your feet. Then twist the whole drum assembly to take it off the juicer.
  • Once the drum is off the juicer base, soak the whole drum in warm water for a while and then try to loosen the lid again.

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