Angel juicers

Juice is coming out very slowly:

This is likely caused by a clogged housing. Cleaning your juicer* after each juicing session is essential to keeping it functioning optimally. Housings with left-over pulp will slow down the juicing process as the juicer is struggling to press juice and expell pulp.

Stop juicing, take the front end apart and clean the housing* using the included scraping knife and brush.

You also want to avoid overfeeding produce and pressing down hard with the wooden plunger: this will put too much pressure on the juicer and cause it to slow down as it's trying to process what you've loaded. Slow down, feed only a few pieces at a time and if you are using the plunger don't push down hard with it.

Alternating soft and hard veg is also a great way of pushing produce through.

Pulpy juice is coming back up the funnel:

You are feeding produce in too fast or your housing needs to be cleaned: slow down, give the juicer time to press what you've already fed down the chute.

Give the housing a thorough clean* when you are done juicing: refer to the cleaning instructions in your manual and the tips below.

The motor is making a lot of noise:

Try cutting hard veg in long and thin pieces so they can be 'grabbed' by the gears more easily. Hard veg cut in very chunky and large pieces are hard to juice and will strain the motor.

*How to clean the housing:

The best time to clean your juicer is immediately once you are finished juicing. Using the metal scraper and brush included with your Angel, run the housing under tap water and remove all the built-up fibres and pulp. 

If you haven't been able to clean your juicer as soon as you were done, you'll find it easier to clean the housing if you soak it first in some warm water and white vinegar.

A clean housing makes for a more efficient juicer!

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