How do I use my Echolife Coupon Code/Gift voucher?

Lucky you!  

Here's how to go shopping with these: just enter your coupon code in the Coupon Code box in the Shopping Cart or during Checkout.  

Doesn't work?  Remember to remove quotes: coupon codes are just one word without quotes around them.  

Still doesn't work?

  1. If your coupon code is product-specific, make sure you've got the right product in the shopping cart.
  2. Check that you aren't trying to apply a coupon code to a product that is excluded from promotions: gift vouchers can't be purchased with coupon codes for example.
  3. Offers can't be combined, so if you've already applied a coupon code to your cart, you won't be able to apply another.

Gift voucher details can only be entered at checkout.  Look for the two fields to enter your voucher’s code and secret key in the payment detail section.

And remember, gift vouchers do not have to be used all in one order!

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